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At smaointewoodwork we specialise in the manufacture of hand made gifts which have proven perfect for weddings and birthdays as a personal and original gift tailor made for the individual person. All gifts can be engraved with names, dates, occasions etc.

If you feel one of these gifts would be perfect for you they can be purchased online at

Alternatively, if you have specific requirements, please give us a call or e-mail and we can discuss further what sort of gift you require. ( 0035387-9886146

 Some examples of what we produce can be seen in the following pics:


 This is a hand carved Celtic knot made from Solid Mahogony. (dimensions: length 10inches/250mm x width  10inches/250mm x thickness 1.5 inches/40mm approx.)

This is a Celtic Triskel, made from two pieces of wood, the base is made from American Ash and the Celtic design is hand cut from Solid Mahogony. (dimensions: length 10inches/250mm x width 9inches/230mm x thickness 1.5inches/40mm approx.)

 Celtic Triskel €120 +p&p

Celtic Knot €120 +p&p 

 This a mirror made from one solid piece of "Spalted" Irish Beech, with the original bark of the tree showing.

(dimensions: length 48inches/1,220mm x width 13inches/330mm x thickness 1.25inches/30mm approx.)

This is a Celtic Spiral made from two pieces of wood, the base is made from Solid Irish Elm while the Celtic design is hand cut from Solid Walnut. (dimensions: diameter 10inches/250mm x thickness 1.25inches/30mm approx.)

Celtic Spiral €120 +p&p 

Celtic Knot €120 +p&p

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