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 Below we have a before (alcove beside chimney) and after view of a solid american red oak tv unit.

Below we have a before and after view of an old chipboard unit (see before) that we faced with a solid european white oak front and doors.(see after). Sometimes rather than throw out and start a new unit it can be a cheaper option to apply this method and as you can see quite effective.

 In this series below we added stained pine shelving to match an existing desk. The sizes of the shelves an spaces were designed specific to the needs of the customer.

This bedroom unit is made from solid european Ash (frame,exterior shelves), Walnut ( panels and interior shelves), and "Spalted Native Irish Sycamore (the counter top). All our hinges, handles drawer runners etc. are of top quality standard.

Below(see before) you can see a bathroom corner with no place for toiletries, seen here on the windowsil,  so we made a simple corner unit to take these bottles while matching the decor of the bathroom.(see after) 

Below we have a pine shelving unit which we fitted into the space under the window. In the next pic we made a pine panel door for an attic entrance in a dormer house.

 In these 2 pics below we built an in-built king size bed into a box room where there was no space for storage, so we raised the bed high enough to create room for storage underneath the bed. We added 2 deep clothes drawers and because of the lack of space, we incorporated a ladder/steps into the side of the bed. We made it out of pine. (see photos)